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Renton Kitchen Addition and Remodel

This project was in collaboration with Char Smith, DesignWorks NW principle and lead project architect. DesignWorks NW worked with the Sonn Family in 2004 designing a major addition to their living room and developing more space for family activities and entertaining guests.

The living room addition was such a success that their entertaining expanded to an annual Thanksgiving dinner party for 45 people.  As a result, Char Smith was again approached by the Sonn Family, this time to design an addition and remodel to their kitchen and add a new full bathroom.

The Sonn family’s program  was very specific; for cooking and entertaining they wanted a kitchen that would function like a commercial kitchen, but did not look or feel like a commercial kitchen.  Also, due to storm events and occasional utility power outages, the Sonn’s needed a wood stove to supplement their back-up electrical generator.

Working within the Sonn’s defined budget, Char Smith designed an open floor plan and integrated the spaces with subtly angled walls and the new wood stove with stone hearth.  It was important that the new space not appear as an addition and we definitely accomplished that goal.

Other priorities were to specify non-toxic building materials throughout, and to bring in as much natural light as possible with an oversized skylight opening.

Utilizing sustainable design principles and to keep costs down, the new custom kitchen addition concept included; reusing existing appliances AND where possible refinishing and relocating existing quality solid-wood base cabinets.  The remaining solid-wood cabinets are custom designed, including islands and cooktop island with bookcase bar.  For a consistent look, we integrated the new and refinished cabinet design concept with new matching cabinet doors and new countertops throughout the kitchen addition/remodel.

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