Gross Project

We definitely needed a new roof and double paned windows. We also knew that with the new roof we’d be putting in skylights … After the roof and windows went in we had those 100 degree days and the house no longer got that hot, reaching only 74 degrees at the end of the day rather than 86 to 90. Now that the days are cooler, the house stays warmer and is quieter; we hear less car noise and outside noise with both the new roof and windows. Not one of the windows, skylights, or solar tubes has leaked and all provide spectacular light in the house. With the new window trim, our house looks great. John C and Max were excellent at checking in with us and managing the project overall. They and their teams did spectacular jobs. We’d known that John C was very quality conscious; he put our upper back deck on several years ago and we were very happy with his work then. We are no less happy now, and First Choice Carpentry continues to deliver high quality work at a reasonable cost.