Haapala Project

It was the best experience ever for our remodel/addition. I know how stressful it can be to find a contractor, yet alone one you can trust. My wife and I couldn’t be happier with them. They are highly trustworthy. They were in/out of our house for 3 months. Tearing apart the roof above our garage and adding an extra bedroom was a pretty big project and it went flawless. They were ahead of schedule and kept us stress-free. The thing I liked the most was they gave us the complete package. They have an architect, an engineer, construction crew, etc. We didn’t have to shop around for an architect here, an engineer there and attend a homeowners meeting/fill out a form, etc. they did it all for us!!! From start to finish, they delivered on every promise and even finished the project early. There were no extra costs or hidden problems. They were straight forward and honest. They took ownership, are all well experienced and professional. John the owner even showed up one weekend (on his day off) to check the tarp because we had extremely high winds and rain. The craftsmanship was phenomenal. It was a very “hassle-free” experience and I highly recommend them for your needs. They can do pretty much anything.